About Us

About Recipe Table

We believe few things say “I care” as much as cooking for your loved ones.  In the family kitchen, it’s all about love!

But we understand the challenge of creating daily meals for a busy household.  Who has time to brainstorm about variety or search thousands of online recipe ideas?  

Recipe Table offers a simple, elegant solution to your variety challenge while helping you create family food traditions that will be shared for generations.


The Recipe Table Service

 Each month, Recipe Table delivers to your home ten unique recipes - and future memories - tastefully displayed on easily-stored (4x6 cards). These recipes are tried and true, handpicked from home kitchens all over America.  

Each collection is built around a theme, from comfy southern cuisine with decades of family heritage, to authentic Italian meals that carry you to the kitchens of Naples and Rome.  Review, try and adapt each recipe to your family’s tastes.  You will soon have dozens of new family favorites.

Keep them in any small kitchen file box, and in no time you will have a treasure chest of favorite meals and fond memories -  a real heirloom!

And say goodbye to tiresome web searching.  No more printing and storing those letter-sized pages!


The Recipe Table Tradition

Inherited family recipes stir memories and deepen ties.  That’s really what Recipe Table is all about:  creating an experience that brings families together through excellent home-prepared food and treasured memories.

Take a few moments to sign up today, and be the one that builds a new, close-to-the-heart family food tradition with Recipe Table.


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